18 November 2008

Things I should really move to top of my to-do list

- Get a desk chair
- Sit at my desk

Surprisingly, I'm not getting a whole lot done with my lap top, under the covers and only slightly propped up under my down comforter. The knee high socks, worn-in sweatshirt, glass of wine, and blasted Queen aren't really helping the productivity either.

Even though I won't be walking until May (fingers crossed), I am currently enrolled in what is potentially the last class of graduate school, EVER! And I've got senior (er, 3rd year grad student?) slump like WHOA. I apologize to everyone in my group project, I promise, I always get my stuff done. I mean, you are talking to someone who wrote over half of their 75 page thesis in 4 days. So my 5 pages of our final paper will get done and probably with some sense of academic quality.

I just don't know if they are going to happen while I'm under the covers and belting out "Somebody to Love".

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