12 November 2008

Christmas, Christmas

Like I said yesterday, I will be sharing with your things I WISH I could buy for friends and family (and might break down and buy anyway) but that I really shouldn't because, you know, I should keep a roof over my head.

Besides the lovely Karel and her sunshower, check out these custom silhouette pictures by Cut Art by Karl (I have a K theme, don't I?)

These would be a perfect gift from all your sibling to your parents or grandparents. Perhaps a profile of your dog to your SO. Or maybe you just want to do one of yourself so that you can remember how taut your jowls were when you are old.

Besides custom orders, there are plenty of prints, many on sale, and frames, mats, and everything else you need for a complete gift.

Plus, you can get a whopping 25% of with the code DCDEAL at checkout.

I wonder which side is my good side.

-Edit- Code is only good through 21 November, so act fast!
[images from cut art]

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