30 October 2008

rough start

my halloween is not off to the best start.

well, that's not entirely true.

i've carved not one, but two, wondrous pumpkins. i've already attended a costume party and was a hit. tonight, i bought a Maleficent headdress that will provide YEARS of quality last minute costume options.

but then i tried to apply scary fake nails. and after they begun to fall off, i gave up and pulled them off. and have spent the last 45 minutes trying desperatly to get the dried glue off my fingers. because even though this adhesive isn't strong enough to hold thin sheets of plastic to my nails, it is doing its darndest to stay put.

and somewhere in my frantic attempts to get this shit off. my. HANDS, i stubbed a toe and didn't notice until there was blood all over my foot. and now that hurts.

and woe is me :(

but i must rally, for i've straightened my hair and will don fake bling and a ballon baby in the morn!

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