22 November 2008

Daddy Cool

Ever since I saw this video of a young French girl dancing around in a huge wig, I've been obsessed with this song. And since I needed the real deal, I went asearchin' on the Youtube.

Hrm, apparently I can't embed it here. But you should go check it out, post haste. (Note: may be a bit NSFW towards the end.)

Oh, the many things I love in this video! Let's list them, shall we?

- the hair, especially the woman in the middle with the PARTED afro.
- the white suit with no shirt. and high waisted pants.
- the arm chop as prevalent dance move.
- next most popular? turning.
- the head bopping. oh the head bopping.
- violins. i love violins in pop music.
- when he has issues taking off his jacket. teehehe.
- actually pretty much everything he does. the kicks. the squats. he's very athletic.
- how blatant are those moans of pleasure at the end? haha, so fantastic! no holding back in the 70s.
- the hump line.
- the enthusiastic but awkward white audience. I mean, how are they NOT dancing? I'm sitting down in a Starbucks and I'm still moving more than they are!

Did I miss anything?


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