03 November 2008

started so strong

In 4th grade, my partner Molly Gordon and I almost won the science fair with our study of what types of earth worms preferred- sand or soil. We had buckets of just sand, just soil and ones half sand/half soil, and after a few weeks, whichever type of earth had more alive worms, was the winner. I vividly remember our presentation board- there was a Polaroid of me pretending to eat a worm- but I can't remember what soil type they liked.

Sorry for all the buildup.

The next time the science fair came around, we were to invent something. I think I forgot about my project because I ended up taping a knife to the end of a spork and calling it the "handy dandy spo-for-knife!"

Yeah, didn't almost win that year.

Maybe if I had focused on what I was truly trying to achieve- making utensils more fun- I would have come up with these and won.

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