11 November 2008

Christmas Shopping

So, I'm sure that many of you are trying to cut back on all costs and that Christmas is no exception. I know that I am. Sorry, friends and family, but that's the truth.

But I can't keep myself from Christmas shopping, especially online. Oh, the stationary, the rubber stamps, the notions- I love them all. In the following weeks, look forward to me alerting you to things that I can't buy but that you should.

For starters, go check out *my* necklace, as made by Karel, over at sunshower designs. I mean, I may be a bit biased because she's one of my best friends and what I think of as her prettiest necklace is named after me, but her pieces are true originals.

Aren't I pretty? And yes, I have a thing for birds.

1 comment:

karel said...

haha you are SO SO PRETTY. thanks for the link :) i hope people start their christmas shopping soon so i can, uh, pay my rent and do my own christmas shopping!