14 November 2008

Well, that didn't take long

So, it didn't really take long of me looking through all these amazing deals for me to break down and buy a lot of stuff on sale.

A lot of stuff.

On MAD sale.

I'm not going to show you anything that I did buy because, you know, you might get something as a present. But that still leaves a ton of things I can show.

$4.40 for 10 cards. Yeah, that's not a typo.

$10 for what is quite possibly THE cutest notebook. EVER.

And... there is an entire page devoted to owls. O.W.L.S. I know I'm not super orginal, but I kinda have a thing for birds. Just a bit. Like I have 11 swallows on my bedrooms walls, 3 cranes by my mirror, a large penguin cocktail shaker that matches my penguin ring holder and votive stand. Oh, and a condor jug from Peru. So yes, birds. I likes them.

Especially this owl notebook.
$9. So twee.

Oh and those prices? Those are before the 25% discount made available from decor8- decor8xmas - good until 21 November.

On a completely unrelated note- how creepy are those commericals with the people who have the ampitheaters in the back their heads? Answer: totally.

[images from Rock Scissor Paper.]

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