04 November 2008

broken, but important, record

As you can tell from my nifty reader over there on the left (yeah for new features!), I'm not the only person using the interwebs to encourage you to vote. VOTE. I can't tell you how many times I've teared up in the last few days over the inspiring words of one Mr. Barack Obama. While on one hand, I can't wait for the campaigning to be over, I am also incredibly anxious about tonight and the upcoming four years.

Because I work in DC but live in VA and knew that the lines were going to be crazy, I voted absentee in person last week, still waiting about two hours for the privilege to support the Obama/Biden ticket. And while it means that today I got to sleep to a reasonable hour and not worry about rushing to the polls after work, a part of me is a bit sad that I won't be part of this hostoric election, not the same way that those of you who are voting today.

But I still got to vote! And you should too. Even if you support a scary ticket that will surely lead us into a position where the rest of the world hates us even more. And while a McCain/Palin White House would be a nightmare, it would certainly push me to really find a job/school abroad.

I hope that's a silver lining I won't have to rely on.

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