13 November 2008

Time to fess up

So, I'm a bit guilty of reposting here. Eak, I'm sorry! But you see, I recently discovered decor8 - know, WAY behind the times there- and I'm a bit obsessed with a) the fact that she lives half the year abroad, half the year in the states (my new dream) and b) pratically everything she features on her site. I love stationay and planners and prints, oh my! And while I can buy all the ones that I want to, I can at least share them and perhaps get you to buy them so that I may one day look at all the things I like in person. Vicarious shopping fun.

Next item up is this financial planner from See Jane Work. There are tons of very pretty and nifty things on See Jane Work (check out the sales!) but I love this planner the most because as much as I love the ease of online budgeting, there is something about having a tactile organizer that calms me. Lets me lay things out. Same reason why I still have a paper planner instead of an electronic one- I just can't give them up.

On sale now for $10. Am considering giving it to myself, in hopes that I will collect receipts and track my spending. And then probably cry.

And don't forget your decor8 sale code- CJanedecor8 - good through 21 Nov.

[image from See Jane Work]

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