29 November 2008


This summer, with my plethora of Friday nights in, I became a bit obsessed with Degrassi. If you have never heard of it, your life is not complete. It is essentially a teen soap from Canada, where everyone has slept with everyone's boyfriend and not more than one episode goes by without mention of STDs, marital infedility, teen violence, decelerations of love, or some other ridiculousness. In short, AMAZING.

And because it is delightfully predicitable, Sam (who has also joined me in Degrassi love) and I have devised a Degrassi drinking game. But be careful: you will get drunk. Severely drunk.

Drink whenever
- someone says "sorry" (pronouced SORE-y)
- someone says "I love you."
- someone gets shot, shaked, pushed down the stairs, slapped, pushed into a locker, or otherwise phsyically assulted.
- someone has an STD.
- someone has sex.
- the babies of teenage children are on screen.
- Mia looks at a boy because she WILL sleep with him.
- Page speaks in French.

It is a 30 minute show- get ready to be three sheets to the wind about 10 minutes in.

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