07 November 2008


TBS, when you put a movie on demand, you don't include commercials. I want to be able to watch "Last Holiday" uninterrupted.

If I only had 3 weeks left to live, I wouldn't be spending my Friday nights watching Queen Latifah movies and doing research, but I have to fortune to not have any brain tumors causing me to seize the day.

What would you do if you only had 3 weeks left to live? I think I would travel as much as I could with as many friends, perhaps go on a bender or two, get a tattoo, eat like a glutton. Mmmm, gluttony.


Diana said...

I watched it not on demand, so I feel ya.

tatiana said...

Ugh, yeah I gave up, I only made it half way through. Though I do want to finish it- does she get the guy? Are the tumors real? Will she outsmart her evil former boss?

PS. I totally forgot to say thanks for the super cute glitter black cat card! Tremendous.