22 December 2007

you know it is has gone too far

when you see if you can get gmail addresses with your random famous peoples' last names.

tatiana.levi- no :(
tatiana.pace- YES! sweet
tatiana.daly- oh yeah, i'm on a roll
tatiana.urie- sweet, this rocks
tatiana.schwartzman- seriously, i could marry just about anyone. no levis though.
tatiana.wilson- oops! spoke to soon. no former beach boys in my future
tatiana.heimbold- ah just a temporary setback
tatiana.lewis- damnit! not that we could get married anywhere except massachusetts anyway.

(all these last names come from here)

more addresses i could claim now, just in case:
tatiana.obama (but not edwards)
tatiana.pitt (but not jolie)

obviously, the iowa primaries, thursday night television, and old hollywood couples are occupying my mind.

i was testing this out last night while i was getting about 9 legitimate gmails for myself. unfortunately, the standard firstname.lastname format is unavailable for my name, so i've come up with a bunch of alternatives. i may poll my four commenters at a later date, but in the mean time, if you want to contact me, you can do so at rizado.tatiana@gmail.com

because apparently rizado is already in use! curly headed spanish speakers are more tech savvy than i thought.

and, because i am excited beyond words, i have to share what may be the best hair day of my life.

try to keep cool about it, but really, really excited.

ah, couldn't hold it back anymore! just too happy! and no, i didn't strip down to take this pic. my awesome hair is just too cool for my shirt to shine through.
ok, scaled back again. but, behind that cool mug, i'm thinking 'it only took 24 years, 6 months, 17 days to get my hair to do what i want!'

for those of you keeping track at home, this means that you now have less than 6 months to pick out the perfect birthday present for me. it is too late for christmas, wow me on my holiday.

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