19 December 2007

be our guest, be our guest, put our service to the test!

karel and i just had a boston creme cupcake and a cider at crumbs and now we have time to kill, so while i have a KILLER blog fermenting in my mind, karel is going to wow you with her genius while i pick my butt.

hi tati's readers. this is actually much more high-pressured than it may seem, because as i have tati beat in blogging tenure (i'm proud to announce that i have been a blogger since roughly fall of 2001), her wit is far quicker than mine, and speaking of fermenting, that's what my blog has been doing for quite some time. what can i say? working for the man has effectively scattered a layer of cobweb over my once prolific brain.

we just came from seeing juno in indulgence of our (schoolgirl) love for jason bateman as well as our (slightly pedophilic) obsession with michael cera. we both cried. i didn't quite soak my shirt as much as tati did, but i can't exactly expect to compete with an expert. after all, my human emotions have only recently been excavated by the first legitimate boyfriend i've had... probably ever.


the movie was fantastic. i did emerge with several questions, none of which will spoil it for those of you who haven't seen it yet so no need to run screaming:

1. do 16 year olds really talk like that these days? no, really? maybe the 16 year olds i've encountered as of late have all been inner-city kids in brooklyn, and not suburban minnesotans.
2. are there really parents out there who would not even raise their voices as their acerbic 16-year-old daughter announces that she's pregnant? then again, i guess i shouldn't have expected orthodox behavior from a couple who named their younger daughter 'liberty bell.'
3. no, they really did, and she seemed mildly stupid.
4. will michael cera ever finish puberty?

now my brain has been overtaken with the question of what to have for dinner. we are conveniently located in a neighborhood with which i am very familiar, and the options are endless.

this is a somewhat useless poll because by the time anyone reads this we probably will have already eaten, but - lighten up ok. this is supposed to be fun.


tati: you know you can put an actual poll on the sidebar.
karel: um... i don't feel like it. i will comment on it later. oh what the hell. [goes to put italics in HTML]
tati: no you have to put it in HTML here.
karel: what the fuck. this is why i stopped blogging.
end interruption---

should we have:
a. pan-asian fusion
b. thai (though, i think, highly americanized)
c. gourmet sandwiches by tom colicchio
d. AWESOME though less gourmet sandwiches by... some guy?


ok i think that is all. this is more than i've written in my blog, plus my secret blog that you're not supposed to know about and even if you did, it's password protected so HA IN YOUR FACE, in like... months. oh well.

it was a pleasure speaking to you all. that is, unless you don't answer the poll. in which case i may never guest blog again.


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pan-asian fusion