01 December 2007

don't date my friends if you have anything embarassing you don't want to share

so, awhile ago, my friend karel was dating this guy that i will call m. things didn't work out, mainly because of him (hey i'm her friend, whose side do you think i'm going to take!) but they ended things well enough that they are on talking terms.

so while things for m and karel might have been a little rough, the fact that they dated and that i know her has done me great good.

yes, that is a glove on his hand. i can't tell you how much i want to tuck in his tag. if you got to youtube and see all his videos, you can see his dancing to 'thriller' with an AUTHENTIC thriller jacket and grooving to 'beat it' in a penguin shirt.

so m, while i can't thank you for bringing awkwardness into one of my best friend's life, i can thank you for bringing this video into mine.

and now my readers'.


Elle said...

Ummm, my tongue started to dry out b/c i didn't realize that I had been sitting for 3+ minutes with my mouth hanging open. THIS IS INCREDIBLE. I am so excited that I know someone who knows someone who dated this guy. It's official, I love Karel. Also, can we talk about the close up at the end?

une petite chose said...

yay!! elle loves me!

it should also be noted that said m. still resembles this child both in facial expression as well as gait. though i never had the fortune of watching him dance, i'm sure it is similar as well.