06 December 2007

time for another...

weekly stumble!

things i've bought that i love
as you might be able to tell, i do like to shop. but because i'm a grad student, hoping to make a career in a non-profit field, i have to do a lot of vicarious shopping.

in comes the interweb!

i love scrolling through etsy shops, looking at online deals, and of course, talking with karel about any purchases she's made lately or cute clothes she's seen.

but it isn't enough to just SEE things i like, i want to see what things other people buy too! this blog fulfills this need so perfectly.

and the bonus?

she's the author!

can't tell who she is? go here. it's cool, i'll wait.

yes! it is kelly from the office! she's also one of the writers on the show and the hilarity comes through in 'things that i love'. so go read it and revel in the fact that someone you watch on thursday nights (or saturday afternoons on the internet) has a blogger account too.

1 comment:

Sweet Huck said...

Tati, you crack me up. I love your blog. :) And I'll miss our Tuesday night Vlach-sessions.