05 December 2007

today is an awesome day!

no, i'm not talking about the weather, though who doesn't love the first snowfall of the year? i feel a little like lorelai gilmore, though not nearly as spastic about snow. she LOVES it.

and no, it isn't the fact that today is my half birthday, though again, a good guess. birthdays are my fav days- like your own holiday- and it stands to reason that MY birthday is my favorite of all birthdays. making my half birthday a little like presidents' day.


now, i heard this from npr, so i know i must be right. my mom and i both decided to honor the day by dressing head to toe in black and being generally sneaky.

i was able to scrounge up all black clothing, down to scarf, hat and coat but then my backpack and gloves had to foil me.

the most un-ninja-ey accessories ever. i'll have to be more prepared for next year.

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