13 December 2007

i promise that...

i will be done with finals in 27.5 hours and stop talking about it.

i will replace the happy curlsgiving graphic in the next few days.

my posts will go back to some sort of normalcy, just in time for the holidays to come in and mess them all up again.

i will keep my talk of advent calendars to a minimum.

i will continue to post things from youtube with increasing frequency. sorry if this makes your soul hurt.

i will get back to the whole best of and weekly stumble.

i will have stories to tell about my visit to nyc and karel.

i'll be announcing the return of a fav blog very very soon!

if i can chose sometime soon, i won't ever have to take pics like these ever again.

but i might want to.


Elle said...

There had better be a camera around your neck and a very unexciting shrub next to you in that third picture!

tatiana said...

of course, i did that one JUST FOR YOU!