24 December 2007

christmas eve, part 2

so, yes, i did post already today but since i hadn't gone to sleep and woken up, i feel like it really counts for yesterday. i don't count it to be a new day until i've gone to sleep, though i think i was that annoying kid at the sleepover who would correct people when they would say 'i hope we can eat pancakes for breakfast tomorrow!' and if it was after midnight, i would say 'you mean TODAY!'


i have little shame in what i'm entertained by. i used to, feeling that i had to hide my love of journey, crappy tv, and predictable movies. but i soon learned that most people don't really care, some find it funny, and those who do care are ugly.

so while i was looking for hall and oates on youtube, i found this.

and it took me some time to figure out that they aren't the REAL hall and oates! fantastic. compare for yourself.

hope everyone has a good christmas eve, doing whatever your traditional christmas eve stuff is. at my house, it is wrapping presents, going to my aunt's for dinner, and falling asleep at christmas vigil, the only mass out of the whole year that i'm allowed to snore through.

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