07 December 2007

i am remiss

you think with a daily blog, i could manage to wish my little brother a happy birthday on the actual anniversary of his birthday, but no, i have to talk about shopping instead. so happy birthday, andy!

you are 17! you are tall! and you are wearing your hair curly! i'm so glad i could convince you to join me in the curly girl way of life!

and because i don't have any recent photos of you on my comp, i'll do the next best thing and embarrass you with pictures almost five years old!

there you are! with your white blond hair in the mists of new zealand!

what's that you say? you want a picture of us playing mancala? in another country? man, you're strange. but since i did miss your birthday by a day, i'll heed your requests.

don't mind joseph. he was just tuckered out from frolicking in the shire.
i hope all your days make you at least as happy as you are in this picture, andrew.

(click pics to enlarge like WHOA!)


une petite chose said...

wow... you guys all look incredibly happy to be in hobbiton

Elle said...

I have 2 comments, both unrelated to Andy's birthday, but Happy Bday Andy!

1. My dad ordered me 3 advent calendars and one has your name on it! (not literally, but I want to give it to you)

2. If you are talking about the bank of america at columbia mall I have a STORY for you. I was there last Thursday and as I was walking in there was a man being ESCORTED out by the COPS in HANDCUFFS! It was awesome! He was quite well behaved for being restrained, and no one seemed to flustered in the bank, but I thought it was way cool anyway. I talked about it for the next 5 hours at work, acting like I had just seen some Oceans 11 stuff go down or something.

3. Will you be home tomorrow afternoon? I want to get this calendar to you before you have to eat 10 chocolates in 1 day (which I basically did today to catch myself up to the 7th)