15 December 2007

weekly stumble...

human clock and calendar

two for one deal this week! i can't imagine how much time it took to amass all the photos necessary for this project, but i can imagine how much it was. everyone is so smiley!

as you may have guessed before even clicking the links, the human clock is website that tells the time through photos of people all over the world, holding up times of numbers found in the landscape. and of course, you can set it to your time.

human calendar is much the same, except that everyone is looking at today's date in the calendar, so the photos change every day!

you can get portable calendars for google homepage, websites, with widgets for mac dashboard coming soon. as soon as i figure out how to do something fancier that twitter, i'm putting the calendar on this baby.

it is also just fun to have the clock open in another tab and check the photos out every few minutes. you know, in case you have a short attention span and need distraction. not that i know anything about that.

so, it turns out that it is pretty simple to put things in the sidebar. enjoy the calendar :)

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