26 December 2007

happy boxing day!

don't you just love back to back hoildays! sure, we don't celebrate boxing day here, but as a shout out to our fellow british colonies, wish anyone with bad teeth or a crocodile dundee hat a happy boxing day.

i'm heading to out with the fam for a quick two day vacay, so posting will be a little light. but you should be out shopping for those after christmas sales for next year's christmas presents anyway.

but come back soon for another stumble! another timeline! high quality photographs! movie reviews! self deprecation! and maybe a movie of my sister singing michael jackson's 'man in the mirror'.

because it isn't the holiday season until your sister wakes you up by belting jacko.

1 comment:

une petite chose said...

tatiana twice in one month?! could it be??

i hope i can see you while you're here! :)