07 February 2008

weekly stumble returns!

ah yes, i used to have some sort of rhyme and reason here. and here's an attempt to bring it back.

this isn't technically a stumble because karel actually sent me here. and there went all hopes of a productive afternoon.

i love quizzes. and surveys. and questionnaires. oh yes, i do. and as i love personality type indicators, i love quizzes that tell me what time of day i am

what movie nerd i am

my presidential soulmate

my flavor

my inner (and coincidentally, outer) hair color

and so, so much more.

i took a ton that don't have badges- like i belong in the 1930s and 40s. and that, i'm like, you know, so crushworthy. like totally. and that my life is apparently most like the adventures of pete and pete.

if you have a vast amount of time to kill and are dying to know what character you would be on some obscure show, click away. always more fun than dealing with adult stuff.


Elle said...

my inner hair color is pink...

I have issues with that, for a multitude of reasons:

1. Pink is not a hair color.
2. Pink clashes with my "outer" hair color.
3. I don't even really like pink, not even a little.

tatiana said...

haha but pink is so vibrant! and pretty! and you both those things and more.