08 February 2008

late night habits

anyone who has ever met me could tell you i'm a bit of an extrovert. yeah, just a little. this goes beyond being talkative (which i am) to being recharged and reassured about life and my issues through talking things out with people.

now, i don't particularly like crowds but i do feel most like myself when i'm with a smaller group of friends. i mean, i base most of my self worth on how hard i can make other people laugh and that is a bit hard to do when you don't have contact with anyone.

but despite this extreme need for other people, when it comes to winding down for the night, i can't go straight from hanging out to snoozing. i need time to decompress, by myself, to do something that is just for me.

i wonder if this is the cause or effect of being a night owl- did i fall into the habit of finding stuff to do once other people went to bed or did i start staying up late because i need some me time?

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