27 February 2008

adios... in a fortnight

ah yeah, i thought i had mentioned that at some point. well, in about two weeks, i am heading off to peru! i haven't been out of the country since august 2005 and it is time i use my passport for more than getting into bars. i mean, proving that i'm a us citizen for employment purposes. right.

i'm going with my immediate family. i do not travel particularly well with my immediate family. my parents enjoy NOT making plans, my younger siblings enjoy annoying me, and i enjoy when we can get back so that i can be alone again. whine, whine, my life is so hard, i'm going to peru. sob, woe is me. i know, i sound like a spoiled brat.


my last experience traveling with my family was enough for me to swear that i would never do it again. but, it is peru! machu pichu! and i've just met my new lover so i'm planning on entertaining myself with him. oh and because i'm in grad school, i will of course have three major things due as soon as i get back, so i'll be spending a great deal of my time, wistfully staring out a window at the andes and thinking about a make believe museum budget. here's hoping the mystical aura of south america will lead to smoother family relations than the hustle and bustle of new york city.

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Karen said...

tell me it isn't so!