03 February 2008

so late

by my standards, anyway! i hope i didn't have too many of you worried about my lack of morning posting but i was *gasp* doing school work earlier today and then shopping at marshall's (yay!) and staples, eating some good food, watching the half time show, and then getting ready for tomorrow. i can be so productive sometimes.

but that's not what i'm here to talk about. yesterday, juliet and i were discussing our myers-briggs personality types and we are both ENFJ, or givers. and we just can't imagine how anyone else functions other than how we do.

until i retook a test and found out that i'm an ESFJ, or caregiver.


in any case, i love doing personality types like this. i know that astrology isn't a hard science but i am a very typical gemini. of course, sometimes i feel a bit silly believing in my horoscope (which, yes, i do check) or discussing the finer points of the zodiac, so i feel something like personality indicators lend a bit more credence to categorizing folks.

test yourself and let me know what you are. i try to type people in my head and sometimes, i'm actually right.

1 comment:

Karen said...

I'm ISFJ! So, I am Mother Teresa or Jimmy Steward!!