21 February 2008

trying to be positive

so, i can complain. a lot. A LOT. of course, when i do complain, i try to be witty and make people laugh, so that someone is getting something out of the never ending misery that is my life.

but as i displayed yesterday with my love of consumer goods, i can be happy too.

so here is a partial list of things that have made me happy in 2008, so far:

- a new toothbrush and new toothpaste (seriously, my mouth is so overjoyed.)*
- moving
- new bedding
- connecting with classmates
- someecards
- burgers of all varieties (in-n-out and mini and the turkey jalepeno blue cheese burgers i will be making again in my new kitchen.)
- ellen page celebrating her golden birthday (turning 21 on the 21st! not sure if canadians get down like that.)
- wii bowling
- wii boxing too
- mild winter
- stephan colbert at the national portrait gallery
- argyle socks
- lunar eclipse
- big love

*that's what she said.


Elizabeth said...

I like to think I contributed to your Big Love happiness with informing you about sidereel...

tatiana said...

ah sidereel- brings so much pleasure and procrastination into my life.