11 February 2008

i can't be the only person who does this

Biography for Tatiana Fantastic

Date of Birth
5 June, 1983 Columbia, MD

Birth Name
Tatiana Leigh Pretty-Awesome


5'4" (1.63m)

Curly hair
Sidekick character

Tatiana was born and raised in Columbia, MD, a suburb of both Baltimore, MD and Washington, DC. She went to high school in Bethesda, MD, where she began acting in school plays. She continued with a few roles in college, but didn't start up again until after she completed her Master's. Working at the Smithsonian, she was asked to step into a documentary for an unnamed star narrator, who was later discovered trying to steal the Hope Diamond. She lit up the screen with her bubbly wit and trademark spark. From there, she was whisked off to California and the rest is history.

IMDb Mini Biography By: tatianarocksmysocks

Eldest of seven children

Daughter of Colombian mother (Marcela) and Irish American father (Timothy).

Has an intense love of Maryland and often shares state related facts.

Has a BA from Haverford College in Anthropology and Feminist and Gender Studies and a MA from George Washington University in Museum Studies.

Was rejected from Haverford's improv group 'Lighted Fools'.

Worked in coffee shops throughout her teen and early twenties, though she doesn't drink it at all.

Acted throughout high school and college, usually as the comic relief in an overall dramatic piece.

Is an open TV addict.

Personal Quotes
(on always being cast male, old, and disabled in high school plays): I went to an all girls school so someone had to. I didn't mind plus they tended to be the funnier and lighter characters anyway. Best part though- I had really long unruly hair that I was constantly containing under hats. I cut it all off my senior year and then I play a young, able bodied night club dancer! Go figure.

(on life goals): I want to be on Jeopardy! And now that I'm kinda famous, I have a better shot of actually winning!

I still get star struck. All the time. I don't think it will ever stop. In my mind, I'm the nerd asked to stand next to the pretty girl and say something funny. So, basically, my life on screen.

(on if she would ever go back to serving coffee for a living): I'd rather shower with a bear.

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