04 February 2008

if it isn't one thing...

so, new housing is squared away and i couldn't be happier about it! i didn't really want to do the whole random roommate thing again, even though it worked out pretty well in boston. but now, i have to find a way to finance my new digs.

sweet sassy molasses-y, do i hate the job hunt.

i'm torn between finding a museum job that could help me get an actual career going after i graduate and being an office bitch somewhere to just pay the bills. so i just apply for them all and hope that i'm sending out the right resumes. right now, i'm trying to not work on weekends (wishful thinking, i know) but i don't know how much longer i'm going to hold out before i return to the dreaded starbucks. blah.

all that being said- if you know of any part time positions in metro accessible dc, please pass them along to me.

in other news, this blog is starting to suck. i think i am coming down with something (like everyone else) and my mind is in a bit of a fog. i need to resurrect my weekly stumble and best of blog roll installments. i am also going to start going through my tags and plump up the ones that only have a few posts, to round out your knowledge of me just a bit more.

i wish it was spring so that a) i could wear all my dresses b) be settled in my new place c) have a job d) well, it would be spring and that is always nice. off to daydream of cherry blossoms in class.

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Lady Language said...

funny...I was feeling the same way about my blog...starting to suck and not able to focus and find cool stuff to write about. anyone can re-hash the latest news or Elle magazine fashions, but to come up with something truly inspirational and worth reading? arrgghhhh!!!!