24 February 2008

my oscar picks

i love movies. i love award shows. i love the end of the writers' strike. so oscars night tonight will be exciting. here are my predictions for who i want to win and who i think will win.

disclaimer: i didn't see many of the movies this year. doesn't mean i still can't have opinions!

actor in a leading role
want to win: johhny depp in 'sweeney todd'. because i love a murderous barber.
will win: daniel day lewis in 'there will be blood'. milkshake and all.
actress in a leading role
want to win: ellen page in 'juno'. she's snarky, drinks sunny d, and dates michael cera. i want to BE juno.
will win: laura linney in 'the savages'. this is actually more of another want to win because i love laura linney and have always thought of her as kind of my pet actress whom no one really knows but is fantastic. and i've had this movie on my list for forever. plus, she's pretty.

animated feature film
want to win: 'persopolis'. i read the graphic novel in college and saw the film in san fran with alice. twas fantastic.
will win: 'persopolis'. as much as i think it is great that 'ratatouille' is nominated, i don't think the acadmey is going to miss a chance to give an oscar to an animated film about the iranian conflict.

best music (song)
want to win: 'enchanted' 'happy working song' or 'that's how you know'. ah, both so good, i can't decide! i am totally going to buy this film because it has all the best parts of classic disney films- princesses, singing animals, evil stepmothers who turn into dragons- plus patrick dempsey and dancing. and it acknowledges the fact that random sycronized musical numbers don't happen in real life, as much as we wish they would. here they both are; you decide.

will win: one of the above and i'll be so happy.

best picture
want to win: 'juno'. in addition to ellen page, michael cera, jason bateman, and that guy from 'thank you for smoking', 'juno' is a lovely movie. i laughed, i cried (of course), it made me wish i had someone in my life named liberty bell. besides, when was the last time a comedy won best picture? true, 'juno' isn't your typical mainstream comedy like 'i now pronounce you chuck and larry' but it is certainly full of more chuckles than the other best picture contenders.
will win: 'there will be blood'. i haven't seen it, but there seems to be lots of the famed oscar buzz around daniel day lewis' performance and the general overall greatness of the film. i wouldn't be sad if it won, but i'm still holding out for 'juno' in my heart.

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