06 February 2008

impending partnership

i've just done the unthinkable.

i reapplied to starbucks.

now, for those of you not in the know, i worked at starbucks for three years in boston. three years filled with irate customers, scalding coffee, coworker drama. it wasn't all horrible- some of my dearest boston friends were fellow starbucks chumps and i met my fair share of lovely customers who could totally brighten my day. but i would be lying if i said that i'm happy about my return to the service world.

where bitches make me cry about the temperature of their soy, the aroma of overflowing grease traps welcomes me first thing in the morning, and christmas music starts playing the day after thanksgiving.

i'm not giving up on the job hunt but as i'm moving in less than a month, i want some source of income to be settled. so, in you walk into a starbucks and see me in a green apron, please be nice to me.

or else i will decaf you.

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