19 February 2008

flutter, flutter

this past weekend, elle and i celebrated our five year anniversary of being friends and meeting in australia with a trip to the national aquarium in baltimore. aquaria are big in our story.

soon after meeting, elle and i flew up from melbourne to sydney for a long weekend. i think the time in my life has passed where i plan out of town trips with people i've just met, but with elle, it worked out beautifully. we had just completed our welcome program, where, to help us get over our jetlag quickly, they had us up to the wee hours of the morning drinking and then breakfast at 8a. really, a rough life.

so, by the time we were going to sydney, i had been on this schedule for a solid 10 days. and the night before flying out at 8a, i was out until 4:30a, came home to pack, and didn't sleep. elle participated in similar shenanigans. in short, we looked AWESOME as we found our hostel in king's cross, the red light district. just awesome.

but we weren't going to waste our time! we were studying abroad! we had to do something all the time! plans, plans, plans! so we dropped off our stuff and headed out to the sydney aquarium. where we promptly found a bench and feel asleep.

for two hours.

and i'm sure we could have slept longer but we were woken up by a very friendly woman who alerted me that someone could have taken my purse. oh, and my mouth was open.

so we rubbed the sleep out of our eyes, stumbled around for a little longer, attempted to will the grate marks off our legs from the bench, eventually gave up and went back to our hostel, where we slept from 5p through to 9a the next morning.

this trip to the aquarium is demonstrably less funny, but it has a much higher cute factor.

and now, as elle demanded yesterday, fluttering seahorses!*

you should all know that posting these is a sign of true love on my part. i have never been a huge fan of the way my recorded voice sounds. in my head, i'm like lindsey lohan, when in reality, i'm much more along the lines of minnie mouse.

*elle, i was in no mood for an involved post yesterday. i wanted to give the seahorses the back story they deserve. now stop complaining!

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Elle said...

It is true... random "seahorsy" videos would not do without the back story. And you told it so well! I will complain no more :)