15 February 2008

such a cheater

ok, so actually, i saw my little computer clock click over to 12:02am and realized that i hadn't posted today. not because i had huge plans, though i did spend a fair part of the day driving around with my mom, having to leave the gym early because my brother got in trouble, and contemplating maybe starting a paper.

in other news, yay for emily! i mentioned her lusty pancakes yesterday (eak, two days ago!) but i wanted to give her a formal introduction since she's now in the sidebar. count this as her best of.

emily and i went to school together at the lovely haverford. a year younger than me, she was part of my adopted customs group (freshmen hall) because i was good friends with her customs people (kind of like RAs except they don't enforce rules. just love). in any case, i've known her for years and she's bubbly and fun and joy and light.

i hadn't seen her in a few years when i met up with her and lise (also part of the aforementioned group) this past week and it was just like time had stood still. we cooked. we sung. we danced. we went to the botanical gardens (ok, that was a new one for us).

and she played me this song. delicious.

so, hi emily! let's be online friends in addition to our face time lovin'.

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Emily said...

Ok, FINE. I suppooooooose I can be your online friend. When I have time from my busy duties of spinsterhood and companioning old women (and hanging out with rakes, OBVIOUSLY).