20 February 2008

in lurve

so, perhaps after you got over the wonderment at my incredible videography skills, you were wondering, 'how did tatiana capture those amazing little creatures on film?'

with my new lover.
as in any new relationship, the honeymoon phase is sweet. we can't keep our hands off each other.
who knew a canon could be so lusty? but our love goes beyond an intense physical connection.
here he is, just gazing into my eyes. *swoon*
and so funny! this guy cracks me up!
whoa, sorry! the feelings, they are just so strong.
i think this is the beginning of a beautiful and long lasting union.

and don't worry, isight camera that came built in on my computer, we can still be friends. i mean, i know we had a good run there, but really, you weren't willing to travel and i needed more flexibility. i will still use you when i need to make a quick pic or vid for the blog! oh please, don't get upset.
oh man. and we still have to work together too.


une petite chose said...

i love the one where you are gazing into each other's eyes. and the crying isight.

ps you're such a nerd

Lady Language said...

hehe - you are hilarious and you are rockin' the posts now!