29 February 2008

i'm sure you are very interested in my organizational plan

every time i move, i vow that i'm going to be cleaner. more organized. a better human. it is like the beginning of each semester, with brand new notebooks and study schedules. but then i end up slacking on dusting and studying. not that i'm a terrible student or horribly dirty- grad school suits me fine and i'm not a slob, but i could grow in both areas.

which is why on this move, i'm making some organization investments.

i've already have this. and i LOVE it. here's hoping it will fit in my new closet.
yesterday at ikea, i bought the following, to store cds, dvds, and misc items that need to be accessible but i don't want to stare at all the time.
but not papers. because i have two file boxes for that. *hair toss*

now the quandary. i have a lot of little odds and ends: hair clips, scarves, bracelets, necklaces, earrings. i know, very surprising, as i rarely wear any jewelry. i think i would if i could see them, so i want something other than the current shoe box they are in. no joke- a shoe box. i'm classy.

but i can't decide between this

and this.

or maybe... i'll just go crazy and get both!

except instead of shoes and scissors, it will be full of girly frippery.

oh and happy 29 feb! i'm 'allowed' to not post today, but since i'll be taking a break for a bit in a few weeks, i figured i barrel on through today. plus, i'm really excited about ORGANIZATION!

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