23 March 2008

i'm back!

you ever feel that you need another vacation to get over your vacation? now, i had a fantastic time in peru- simply tremendous- and i am not saying that i wish i hadn’t gone. but i feel like i could use some downtime to recover from the 6 flights in 10 days, family stress, pan pipe recordings of ABBA hits, bumpy bus rides, and the vast amounts of starch i inhaled each day.

but of course, i have four things due before wednesday and i didn’t work on any of them while away, so i have no time to rest or to adequately update you on my trip.

so, broad strokes!

day 1:
fly from bwi to miami. get to airport hours before rest of family. eat a sandwich and manage to stain one of my two pairs of pants before even getting on the plane. hot.

miami to lima is a bumpy flight. i didn’t take a xanax because i thought i could sleep. instead i cry and watch ‘dan in real life’

day 2:
get into lima at 5:30 am. picked up at airport by aunt. spend the rest of the day napping and eating.

day 3:
finally venture outside apartment. spend 2 plus hours in a 7th day adventist service, which is full of waving and harry potter bashing. walk down to watch sunset on the ocean. go to trippy water fountain park.

day 4:
go on a city tour. see someone who looks eerily like my first boyfriend, who is also in peru at the same time but i know that my ex is doing shaman stuff in the mountains and besides, this guy is named joshua and from park city, utah. secome obsessed with taking extreme close ups of signs and flora.

day 5:
early flight to cusco. the guy who picks us up from the airport name is elvis. he gives me a new nickname- ‘tatianita’. go on another city tour. tour guide’s name is Puma. macro pic obsession continues.

day 6:
up ass early to take a van to a train to a bus to machu pichu. cool guide name trend continues with serefino. totally surreal and kind of didn’t mind that it rained the whole time because I was at MACHU frickin PICHU.

day 7:
yet another tour. even for someone who loves structure, it is getting a little crazy. more gorgeous pics of ridiculousness andes beauty and ruins.

day 8:
shopping in cusco (no guide though elvis totally wants to continue staring at my boobs) before flying back to lima. the heat of the city makes me a sloth once again.

day 9:
beach outside of lima. though I try to apply sunscreen evenly, i miss odd patches on my feet and get suburned. finally have ceviche, national food of peru. watch movies with my sister on twin bed.

day 10:
nap for a few hours before leaving for the airport at 4:15. lima to miami, i take xanax and sleep for the majority of the flight- ‘matrian child’ doesn’t grab my attention. the turbulence does but lovely tranquilizers mean i don’t really care. pass eight hour layover by finally doing some school work. and texting most everyone in my phone.

i’m sure that i will elaborate later with more detailed stories and pics. feel free to comment on what you want to know more about- the food, the sights, the weather, my awesome camera that makes me want to drop out of school and just take extreme closeups of everything I see. but right now, i am going to delve into the world of museum administration, script writing, and evaluation. i may not post again until thursday- though who are we kidding, i’m totally going to fit tv viewing and blog writing into these next few crazy days.

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