29 March 2008

worth every penny

i was in need of a playdate, so yesterday, emily and i saw 21. as we were purchasing our tickets, we lamented the high $10.50 price tag and reminisced when movies were $6, $4, even $1.50. how the times have changed!

we go into the theater, find our seats, and proceed to be mightily entertained. well, i don't know about emily, but i was certainly enjoying myself. it wasn't because the caliber of the film was that high but i just find myself easily amused by badass laurence fishburne and ridiculous narration. needless to say, there was a lot of laughing and general tittering coming from our corner of the theater.

but, by far, the best moment EVER.

some very tense moment on screen and one character (either kevin spacey or jim sturgess) says "no one leaves this town alone." and the music swells.

and someone in the theater, very audibly, goes "bah bah BUM" a two second beat and the entire audience bursts out in laughter.

the movie itself was worth $.50, but that level of audience participation easily covers the other $10.

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Karen said...

I had an experience like that seeing Romeo and Juliet, the Clara Danes/Leonardo DiCaprio version. It was at the very end and one person sobbed (very loudly) "Oh God!" followed by a wail and the entire theater started to laugh so that all of us walked out in tears of laughter and/or sadness. Classic. And I will never forget it.

Other great audience moments during most of the Harry Potters have been fun too. It is wonderful when the whole crowd entertains you.