02 March 2008

beverage indicator

today, at my ladies brunch, i grab some milk and sugar for my earl gray. and by some, i should say a fistful. karel, elle, and emily all raised their eyebrows and i had to explain that i liked my tea light and sweet- like i like my men.

i then scampered off to our table.

after dinner, karel fills me in on the rest of the conversation.


elle: well, i guess that makes sense. i like my tea dark and full.
emily: i don't like tea!
karel: well, i guess you don't like men.
emily: damn, that's my problem.

1 comment:

Rudesby said...

You realise that I'm totally putting this in my blog as well. When life hands you such absurdities, the only response is to OWN THEM UTTERLY. :D