04 March 2008

i was wrong before

so, i assumed that others wrote their personal imdb profiles in their heads. apparently, i was wrong. and this has changed my thoughts on how others pass the time and now i think that i may be the only person who thinks about what her life would be like if she had been born at different times and places.

the era i've been thinking about most recently is enlightenment era france. i'm hoping that i would have been a kickass woman with a bustling salon. i would wear huge white powdered wigs, fabric stars on my face, say witty things to keep the intellectuals in their place and make them titter, and make sure the wine flowed freely.

i mean, how could it not be the most amazing fun ever when i would get to wear this?
i wonder what the french equivalent of 'that's what she said' is?

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Anonymous said...

Ca c’est que elle a dit!