11 March 2008

it is called chantix


une petite chose said...

is that your boatneck shirt from the gap, of which i have a teal and a hot pink?!

ps very cute!
pps your voice is so sexy and manly

Anonymous said...

1. your hair looks glorious
2. i never knew you used vocal segregates so frequently little miss grammar (look at me using college words)
3. your standards for television continue to amaze me
4. i like your comforter

tatiana said...

karel, yes, you have the eye for gap clothes. thanks for the cute and manly voice comments- you know my deepest desires.

1. why, thank you! * hair toss *
2. um, like, what can i uh say! i guess i speak like everyone else in our generation. but i promise to work on it if you can get your 'me v i' problem under control.
3. i watch it all. i know, it is a sickness.
4. ikea is the best.