10 March 2008

116 word biography

for an exhibition script writing assignment, i had to write a 100 word biography- the intro panel to an exhibit about me. i hope my prof doesn't mind the extra dozen or so words.

I have nicks on my chest from when I used to run with sticks. There is a faint white line on my hand from when I sliced it open on the “Caution: Sharp Edge” on a roll of aluminum foil. I used to scratch my mosquito bites so much that they would bleed and scab over and then I would scratch those, so that by the end of the summer, I had a polka dot tan on my legs. I fell down the stairs in September and my bruise is still apparent. I love my scars. I figure, I’m not going live without getting hurt, so I might as well have some visuals for my story.

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