05 March 2008


so, people are doing the nablopomo thing year round. all i can say is, welcome! i've been doing it nonstop since december *hair toss*. to help people get through each month, there are themes and march's is lists.

so, two lists for you today.

ways in which i've felt very grown up
1. worked out even though i wanted to sleep in
2. walked all the way to the crosswalk even though i could have jaywalked
3. painted nails
4. checked the weather to figure out what to wear instead of just looking out the window

ways in which i've felt very much like a child
1. can't get the stove to work so i'm eating cheese for breakfast AND lunch
2. cut myself shaving- seriously, am i 12 again?
3. painted nails are freaking me out because i don't recognize my own hands
4. made faces in the mirror to see how elastic my skin is

1 comment:

Lady Language said...

You are funny! I do that face thing too...and I could never commit to the year long nablopmo thing. One month was all I could take :)