25 March 2008

best unsolicited comment EVER

in my museum administration class during a marketing lecture.

during a talk of all the outside things that influence consumers' decisions, a classmate of mine shares this comment.

not in response to a question, mind you. just a... thought.

"rambling rambling something about how this doesn't really apply to cars or museums blah blah. the situation can make it uncomfertable. yadda yadda. like how you have to buy generic products at the end of the month because you haven't been paid yet. and how that makes me anxious and nervous."

um, seriously?! i LOVE buying generic. i'm all for store brands. there are very few things that i MUST buy brand name- ketchup, feminine hygiene products, electronics- but most everything else, if i can get the same quality for the same price, why not?

but the best part of all of this? this was shared... just because. it was like she had a burning desire to let us all know the uneasiness that surrounds all purchases of generic products. because while it had just the slightest bit to do with the topic of the lecture, it was certainly at an odd moment.

maybe grad school isn't terribly boring after all.


Karen said...

I agree with you. I am all about getting "toasted oats" instead of cheerios, but there is something about CVS tampons that rubs the wrong way... literally & figuratively. What a strange comment to make, though I'm sure it is a window into this gals personality.

So glad you are back & blogging btw!

tatiana said...

you had me literally laughing out loud... in the library! thanks for making people shoot darts at me with her eyes.

une petite chose said...



tatiana said...

if it ain't heinz, it ain't minez.