17 April 2008

so productive!

things i did today

- finished (aka colored in with crayons) four floor plans.
- wrote a 3 page evaluation plan for my faux museum... just one more 'red flag' issue and it is done!
- applied for two jobs, one in an actual museum! shock! about the history of the national women's party! seeing as i'm doing museum studies, studied feminist and gender studies, and cried during iron jawed angels, PERFECT FOR ME! the other one, on campus with TUITION BENEFITS!
- organized my massive 'jobs' folder into manageable chunks.
- arranged to meet with the manager of a better starbucks than the hellmouth that is my current store.
- made a healthy lunch of tuna with spinach and strawberry yogurt with a banana (i'm forcing myself to like them more).
- was casually biting my thumb blister while thinking and cut it open and my mouth filled with nasty healing liquid. but on the up side, blister is gone and i've got a hot thumb bandaid while the VERY sensitive flesh renews itself.
- looked up a recipie for quick brining of chicken. and then i'm going to stuff it with goat cheese and thyme. BECAUSE I LOVE SALT AND CHEESE AND THYME.

waking up at 8am really does open the day up. and apparently, augments my love of exclamation points with an INTENSE DESIRE FOR ALL CAPS.

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