03 April 2008

peruvian fun fact #1

i have used public restrooms the world over. french alps, check. western coast of australia, check. dead sea, check. sweden, colombia, andorra, spain- check, check, check, and check. and they have fallen all over the cleanliness scale- bathrooms with attendants to literal holes in the ground.

but peru, bathrooms in peru are special.

never before had i experienced the widespread practice of removing the toilet seat. that's right, apparently it is common for public bathrooms in peru to be just the bowl. airports, restaurants, malls- all seatless. so odd.

and for someone who has peed in a compost toilet that smells like a petting zoo, that means something.

1 comment:

Karen said...

how strange! i have done the hole-in-the ground toilet as well (may i add that it was night and there was no light in the bathroom, so my friend had to hold/guard the door open so the light from an outside lamp post could help me guide my pee to the hole). But no seats? did you fall in the first few times or were you okay?