16 April 2008

i love potatos

i love potatos, in pretty much every form. true, pomme frittes occupy a special place in my heart- probably quite literally- but spuds in many incarnations get my pulse racing.

like baked potatos a few solid hours of work. with salsa and butter. mmm.

in fact, i love them so much that i can't wait to take them out of the microwave.

and thus i burn myself. yes, that there on the edge of my thumb is a blister. i burned my index finger too but the blister isn't nearly as impressive. and how did the blister get to be so bad?

because i only ran it under cold water for about 10 seconds.



to be fair, i did hold sam's ice water while eating. but not the recommended 2 minute cold water bath it really needed.

and now i look like this.
a really really unhappy monkey. and the blister that's the cause of all the distress.

in case you were wondering, the potato- SO TASTY.

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