22 April 2008

girlie girl

ways in which i'm very ungirly
- very crass humor, especially when it comes to "what she said"
- a deep love of all things bacon and cheeseburger
- take great pride in my stupid human tricks- bagel, anyone?
- enjoy the taste of beer straight from the can or bottle instead of a glass

ways in which i'm super girly
- i get my eyebrows waxed
- over analyze everything that everyone says to me
- dance around my room to miley cyrus and michael buble, perfecting my next karaoke routines
- buy new shoes, take pictures of them, and post them here
i've fully given into the style i previously hated! no big surprise there- i was totally against pointy toed shoes and tucking jeans into knee high boots and that is pretty much all i wore this winter. i'm all about stating really strong opinions about footwear and then changing my mind, apparently.
i don't care if you think they are a little grandma because i have WHITE PATTERNED PUMPS! muahahahaha. i will wear them and be in love with my elderly feet.


Anonymous said...

very cute shoes. oh and i just happened to notice the date. happy EARTH day everyone. because nothing else could possibly be happening on this day. i mean april 22nd...sounds like a day when NOTHING else is happening. as a dedicated blog reader i hope you didn't forget to mention anything important on your page since it's where i get most of my information.

Maggie's Farm said...

Love love love them both. And so glad you're pleased with your purchases.
I just painted my toenails red in order to allow them to "peep" out looking their best from my new peeptoes. And mostly to procrastinate.
I've also cooked, eaten, cleaned, and watched 2.5 episodes of America's Next Top Model.
Maybe it's time to work on that paper...

tatiana said...

but so productive in your procrastination! i was thinking of doing my toes but it might have to wait- i'm currently burning photo cds and job hunting.

and yes, thank you so much for encouraging the granny pumps purchase- now, we just have to find a place to wear them!