14 April 2008

and she says i'm flithy

roommate sam and i are chewing the fat, as they say, and enummerating the issues that young women are plauged with.

will we ever find someone to love us? will we ever get married? will we have babies? what if we have problems having babies? what if we don't want babies and people make us feel guilty about it? am i going to stay at home or go to work?

and young men? their quandry?

how can i stick it in as many holes as possible?

for full effect, imagine a petite blonde in an oversized redskins sweatshirt, lying down, thrusting her hips skyward.

1 comment:

Sweet Huck said...

I saw a cloud of curls on the metro the other day and thought "TATIANA!!!" but then I realized that whoever it was didn't have the right amount of rizado-eeness, and couldn't possibly have been you.

Hope yer doin' well....