13 April 2008


i have an obsessive personality. i know, nothing new there. but really, i go through these phases where i can't get enough of certain things.

current trends-
"that's what she said jokes"- this trend comes and goes with alarming frequency

jeopardy!- though my love of trivia never dies out, my need for this particular show is especially strong right now.

cheeseburgers- i know i mentioned this recently, but honestly, my burger consumption is getting particularly ridiculous. and if you include any foodstuffs that include both bacon and cheese- well, we really have a problem on our hands.

michael bublé "feeling good"- i know i'm not allowed to post any more videos but look at all these words i wrote! so it isn't like i'm trying to avoid the work of a blog post with a simple youtube grab. but back to the song. when i found it on friday afternoon, something inside of me came to life and i've listened to it perhaps more than 25 times since then. no probably more. because while i was doing homework all day yesterday, i would just keep hitting "replay".... "replay".... "REPLAY"

it just fulfills all my needs of wanting to be a nightclub singer from a bygone era. because yes, i have put my hair back in a twist, danced around, and practiced singing it in the mirror. with arm movements and all.

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Elizabeth said...

wendy's, why do you call my name? I love your all-beef patties!