27 April 2008

perhaps i'm cooler than i thought

i've always painted myself as pretty nerdy. i mean, i still read young adult novels that have talking woodland animals in them, i love disco unironically, played magic the gathering in college, and considered becoming a librarian.

but then i find myself sitting in a cafe on sunday afternoon, reading the new york times, sipping tea, listening to the nutcracker suite on my macbook with my side swept bangs and glasses, in layered shirts and cardigan and it hits me...

the cool facade is firmly in place.

but somehow, i don't think i'm fooling anyone- i still know all the words to ABBA's "fernando". mainstream coolness and intimate details of sweden's greatest export can't coexist.

totally fine by me- i'll keep my eurostars and you can have your status. i LOOK cool and that's all that matters anyway.

1 comment:

daintee said...

The secret, I've found, to being nerdy but SEEMING cool is to become a teacher where you are the youngest/coolest/hippest person ON STAFF. Thus all the young adults will think you are "sooooo cool" when really you're only cool by comparison. It works to inflate my ego just enough. HA HA.

When I'm with other people my own age, however--not so cool. In fact, a comment regularly directed at me is "Sigh! You're such a TEACHER." Not the coolest complement.

C'est la vie.