06 April 2008

oh ok, FINE!

so karel apparently doesn't approve of my videos. to which i have to say- um, i like them and this is my blog. so there.

ok, so i can give up a little more. april is upon us- as you all are aware- and it is finals time. and i just started back at the bucks. so i'm a little strapped for time. and while i can some how find the time to eat hot dogs at ikea, my writing time has been devoted to writing for school.

so blog readers, i'll ask you, would you like video or samples of my academic writing? because that's about all i can give you right now.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ummm... I know that I don't really get a say, but I sort of agree with Karel...

I vote academic samples if that's my only option. I also approve of rants about being too busy to post, short notes about where you are willing to miterate regardless of potential cleanliness, and reviews on which girls gone wild videos I should purchase.

nuff' said.